Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chloe Smith & Brent Richards Oct 3 @ Sweetwater

Chloe was a delight to work with and when she booked a full year in advance we knew she had plenty of time to design the perfect cake..... well about 3 weeks before her wedding... we were running out of time.. and here she goes...  she had designed her own cake.. she sent me a pencil drawing of a cake with a specific look in mind.  As many wedding cakes that I have created over the last 18 years, it delights me when a bride selects or in this case designs a cake that I have not created yet..   it was beautiful and it even looked better in front of the mirror at Sweetwater Branch Inn  She selected my moist light vanilla chiffon cake with one having a strawberry filling and the other an amaretto filling.  Thank you Chloe for allowing me to create this beauty.