Monday, August 16, 2010

A square buttercream cake with fresh flowers

Thank goodness I did not select photography for a living...  my camera was fogging up from the humidity ... this wedding was held at the Haile Plantation Country Club on Saturday July 31 early evening.. One of the warmest wettest days we had.  The reception was being held under a big beautiful tent  up on the green and the staff at Haile was ready for anything mother nature was going to dish out to them.  The florist from The Flower Shop was setting up the floral centerpieces and had buckets of fresh flowers for me to choose from..  I love fresh flowers on a cake and YES... there are safe ways of using fresh flowers on a cake..   This cake was a 4 tier square cake was separated by 2" columns and adding a fresh flowers giving it a floating effect.  The rain came down outside the tent and yet everything stayed dry inside.. The tented room was beautiful in the evening greys of a summer rain.  The weather cleared up in time for the ceremony and reception

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lady Bug 1st Birthday Cake

What a great theme for a first birthday.  This is at least the 8th cake I have created for this Chiefland family and when Marjorie brought in her napkin and had also found a similar design off the Pink Cake Box away we went making the modifications and personalizing it to her request.  What a fun fun cake and we also did lady bug cookies for her guest favors.  See our Cookies page.

Cookie Crazy in Gainesville

Cookies in shapes from Apples to Zebra
Personalized to your request
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Hat's Off.. a Highway Patrolman's Hate Cake

Denise, the mother of the groom contacted me several months ago from the Lake City area.   She wanted to replicate exactly her son's Florida State Trooper Hat..   After many emails and 2 consultations along with the actual hat to be duplicated we were all standing at attention with the final results.   Since it was so important to the family to have a perfect cake we elected to use an actual hat cord & hat shield.  The black and silver braiding effect of the actual cord was going to be next to impossible to accomplish out of sugar but since we were using the actual cord the finished cake had to be a perfect fit. The first report came in the next morning... SUCCESS!..... the guest all thought he had left his hat sitting on the cake table..   That is what we like to hear..  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fountain Cake-a new look for a traditional style

A modern pink & black design on a buttercream iced cake. Our bride wanted a clean modern look and did not want any flowers but had always dream of the cake over the fountain with the stairways.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Toy Story Birthday Cake.."To infinity and beyond"

Mom gave us all the little characters and together we designed Michael's 4th Birthday party cake and what fun we had...   Buttercream iced with fondant embellishments and a fondant covered moon cake.  Love the real wood grain look of the fence...   thanks for allowing us to be apart of such a fun day.