Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hat's Off.. a Highway Patrolman's Hate Cake

Denise, the mother of the groom contacted me several months ago from the Lake City area.   She wanted to replicate exactly her son's Florida State Trooper Hat..   After many emails and 2 consultations along with the actual hat to be duplicated we were all standing at attention with the final results.   Since it was so important to the family to have a perfect cake we elected to use an actual hat cord & hat shield.  The black and silver braiding effect of the actual cord was going to be next to impossible to accomplish out of sugar but since we were using the actual cord the finished cake had to be a perfect fit. The first report came in the next morning... SUCCESS!..... the guest all thought he had left his hat sitting on the cake table..   That is what we like to hear..  


Krystal Radlinski at Verve Studio said...

Wow! This looks so incredibly real! It's almost a shame to eat it... almost ;)