Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rachael's Under the Sea Mermaid Cake with edible sugar sea life

Rachael's mom had seen my Mermaid cake on my website under sugar art  and sooo had to have this design for her daughter's 4th birthday.   Using many of the molds I have made myself this was a combination of molded items and hand molded items..  In keeping with in the families budget for the cake and not stepping on any copyrighted toes, mom selected to use Arial and friends in purchased tiny toys.. and I think they fit in perfectly with all the other edible decorations.   It is so rewarding when a family comes to pick up their cake and someone "squeals" with approval when they see the finished cake..  The under the sea cakes and seashell cakes have a very special connection for me.  Few people know I was an avid scuba diver  in my younger days, more in the water than out and spent 3 years at FIT an oceanographic technical school mastering in marine science.  Leaving school early due to family health issues I never returned but my love for the ocean is as strong as ever.   And it is a true labor of love with any beach or sea themed cake... takes me back into the cool blue depths of the ocean.