Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Success- record breaking attendance many thanks to so many incredible people who helped make our cake tasting a sweet success.  Villa East,   Unforgettable Events,   Celebrations Catering,   Amantez Photography,   Adore,   Videotronics,    Unique Designs,   Eric Redmond  , Fl Dove Co,   Jack Edmonds,   Tuxedo Junction,   PhoBooth,   the Knot,   AP Limo,  Jay's Entertainment,   Gator Beverages,   Solutions Bridal.   Villa East looked wonderful and was perfect for the record breaking attendance.  I never run out of cakes or sweets but we came close last night...  HUGS TO ALL. Ms Debbie will be planning her next cake tasting event for late September..   photos and videos coming soon.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cake Tasting- Say it Sweetly

Our semi annual sweet event is finally here... after 18 sheet cakes, 20 fillings, 400 brownie bites, 400 cookies, 1500 pieces of various chocolates I think we are ready..  It is 4AM the day of and I do not think I will see the sheets till at least 11pm tonight, I am sooo excited.  I can not thank Villa East enough for allowing us to have this event at this new location, we simply out grew our old venue.  I can not wait to see what Unforgettable Events has created for centerpieces and decor. Leah from Celebration's Catering has created another great menu of savories tidbits to help balance out all this sugar...  Amy from Adore and her lovely ladies will be greeting our guest and passing out the creative menus created by Giovanni from Unique Design. Enrique & Leigh from Amantez Photography will be taking candid shots and a virtual 360 for me to share with you.  Mike from Videotronics will creating one of his incredible videos, I am so excited about this.  Eric Redmond on his piano doing what he does best...enchanting us for the evening. Debbe from Florida Dove Company will be displaying her beautiful doves, a dove release at a wedding is an beautiful ceremony.  Nothing better than a well dressed man and Tuxedo Junction will be there to answer any questions.  Jack Edmonds,  a wedding officiant will be on hand sharing the Premier Bride magazine.  Remember stopping in the mall taking silly photos of yourself and friends in the photo booths... well do it again tonight at PhoBooth...   For the best in wedding reading material The Knot will be giving away a limited amount of these incredible magazines visit their internationally acclaimed website for the latest in wedding news.  AP Limo will have a sleek beauty on hand for you to check out... you have got to see the tv in these babies...  Jay's Entertainment will also be creating a great sound for our evenings pleasure.  Gator Beverage will have samplings of their available wines for you to taste.  A lovely bride will be meandering amongst us for the evening modeling a beautiful gown by  Solutions Bridal.       This will be an sweet evening to remember, I hope you will be joining us.. If you missed this one we are planning another in the early fall. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

On the cover of Giggle Magazine


back in early December, Angela & Amy from Adore ask me to be apart of a photo shoot for a kid's birthday parties- a future article for Gainesville's Giggle Magazine.  Angela give me creative license & allowed me to do what ever I wanted to do and as usually I had great fun creating the party cake...  NEVER.. would I have imaged it would make the front cover....  I am so excited I can not stand still.... I did not even know until someone called and wanted to order a cake after they saw the cake... Get your copy today, find out where to find the magazines click here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wrath of a Cake Scrap Child ........................a note from my son

Mom's your are going to get a kick out of this...    
My son just left this note to me on my website guest book...  

"This will be awesome my Mom (Ms Debbie) is making my wedding cake and I finally get to eat a real cake besides just the cake scraps.     All thru high school cake scraps .....cake scraps....... oh yeah and more scraps.   I am surprised I'm not a cake or at least 450lbs. I'm gonna make her pay for that little bit of my life (or should I say little bite) and design the biggest.... most painstaking endeavor of a cake EVER!!      You just watch and see: flowing rivers of chocolate, mountains of icing, Yeah...yeah and I'm even going to want skies of cotton candy "hand spun of course" you'll see I'm gonna get her good.   The wrath of a "cake scrap child"   ha! Love ya ma"         
  this is his way of letting me know he has become engaged...  finally at 29...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WIND-FM Hunter & Dixon's Valentine's Day Mass Wedding

If you would like to be married or renew your vows at 
call 1-888-WIND-FM-2 , Monday - Friday 6 -10am.  
Or email: or

All you need is a marriage license and a love that will last forever!