Monday, April 18, 2011

Watermelon Wedding Cake

When Erin and Luke first came to my bakery for a consultation and tasting, Erin pulled out this print out of a page off Paula Deen's website showing a real watermelon wedding cake (as seen in the photo).  Erin asked me can you make a cake to look like a real watermelon...  Well!? in the words of my fav southern gal, Ms Deen..."I can’t look at food and see what most people see. I want to cut, style, paint, manipulate…do anything to change something ordinary into something extraordinary. "   except for me that is the way I feel about cakes and icings...   I was very happy with my first watermelon wedding cake...  and the beautiful & fresh hydrangeas furnished by Betsy from the Plant Shoppe was the just what the cake needed to complete the look... And would you look at the old watermelon red Ford as a backdrop...  Country Perfection...