Thursday, May 24, 2012

White Chocolate Seashell Candies arrive in Australia



chocolate seashell candies

My mom and I love creating our signature line of chocolate seashells.  May 15 we had a one of collections of chocolate seashells and the chocolate seahorse toppers arrive safely to Queensland Australia..  Michelle and I have been e-chatting for weeks working out of the overseas details and keeping our fingers crossed soooo  away they went..   Well I will let you read what Michelle had to say after they arrived.


I received the shells today (May 15, 2012) and must, must, must say that they are in magnificent condition and were packaged extremely well. They are just AMAZING (I also sampled one of the tiny ones and it was wonderful). You are AMAZING! I am very happy with them and they are worth all of the $$ it cost in total for them and the express postage. 

My sister has no idea what sort of cake I'm making her and I'm sure she'll be over the moon when she's these. 
Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I'll send you a photo of the finished product. 
Kindest regards

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Vance said...

Wow, I actually thought the sea shells and sea horses were real. You are an amazing artist.